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International School - Workshop “Methods of Space and Ground Geodesy in Scientific Research of Central Asia”

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International School - Workshop “Methods of Space and Ground Geodesy in Scientific Research of Central Asia” will be held on 19-21 of September, 2016, on the basis of Research Station of RAS in Bishkek city.

First circular letter

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March 24 – 25, 2016, Research Station RAS, Bishkek city


The main directions of the Conference activity:

Section 1. "Geophysical monitoring and geo information systems" included the reports on methods and new software systems used for monitoring of geological environment and ionosphere as well as the results of their application.

Section 2. "Natural and technological environmental impact" included the reports on abundance and features of seismotectonic processes manifestations, landslides, mudflow and flood phenomena in the territory of Central Asia. Here were the reports on technogenic hazards connected with operation of water storage reservoirs and mining facilities within the seismic territories.

Section 3. "Interdisciplinary reports" included the reports on mechanics and dynamics of various phenomena and processes, as well as reports on the modern mathematical and technological methods applied in various research areas.

For all guests and conference participants there was organized the scientific and get-acquainted tour within the territory of Proving Ground of the Research Station RAS.

All participants who presented their reports orally were awarded by certificates and disks with the electronic version of the Materials of VIII International Conference for Young Scientists and Students "Modern Equipment and Technologies in Scientific Researches".

Students, graduate students and young scientists - participants of the conference represented 15 institutions from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Dagestan.

Orginising Committee thanks all participants and looking forward to see you on the next year Conference.


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Scientific workshop

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On February 29, 2016, in the conference hall of Research Station the Scientific Workshop was held. Aleksey A. Malovichko, Dr. of technical sciences, Corresponding Member of RAS (Department of Earth’s Sciences (Geophysics)), Director of Geophysical Service of RAS was the honorary guest of the event. During the workshop the Heads of RS RAS research laboratories briefly presented the most important results of research undergone. Dr. Aleksey Malovichko, in his turn, noted that the further scientific and research collaboration between Geophysical Service of RAS and Research Station RAS is very prospective and is of great interest for both sides.


Memorandum of Understanding

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On February 2, 2016, the Memorandum of Understanding was executed among the Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration; the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek (RS RAS) and the International Research Center – Geodynamic Proving Ground (IRC – GPG) as a result of working visit of the RS RAS Director Anatoly Rybin to Beijing, China.

This MoU assumes that above mentioned organizations will maintain continuous and collaborative contact with each other, exchange research staffs from the other organization for promoting joint research, educational and other related activities; promotion joint research projects in earthquakes forecast and risk mitigation field, such as seismology, geomagnetism and other geophysical field; exchange of seismological data and so on.

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Research Station of RAS Main Results of 2015

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In course of the regular meeting of Academic council of Research Station RAS in Bishkek, which took place on December 17, 2015, the main results of research executed on 4 subjects were discussed:

Subject 70.1 - "Study of deep structure of Tien Shan and surrounding territories using a complex of geophysical methods to find out the interrelation of mass-energy transfer in the Earth’s crust and upper mantle with spatio-temporal distribution of seismicity” was presented by Bataleva E.A. (Research Supervisor – Dr. Rybin A.K)

Subject 70.2 - "Study of distribution of velocities of the Earth’s crust modern movements on the basis of measurements of a GPS network of Central Asia by means of space geodesy" was presented to Kuzikovy S. I.

Subject 78.1 - "Study of geodynamic, seismic and geophysical processes as a base of earthquake forecast (including modeling of nonelastic processes in seismo generating zones)" it was presented by Bragin V.D. and Sychev V. N. 

Subject 80.1 - "Development of hardware and software tools and basics of technology for electromagnetic monitoring of geodynamic processes in seismoactive zones and risk assessment" was presented by Ilichov P. V.

During the discussion followed there was offered to present to Department of Earth’s Sciences of RAS 3 most important research results obtained in 2015 while execution of main directions of fundamental research. First result was voted as a best one.

The small-size, thermostable induction sensor intended for measurement of magnetic induction, high sensitive in the range of frequencies from 0,1 Hz to 80 kHz (figure 1), was developed. The technical result of development is confined in substantial increase of integration constant at preservation of high temperature stability of sensor transformation ratio. The model sample of sensor was designed. The developed sensor can be used in any geoelectrical exploration equipment based on measurement of artificial and natural electromagnetic fields.

By means of correlation analysis of time-and-frequency ranks of electromagnetic parameters there were revealed that the indicative strain-sensitive elements of geo-environment which corresponds to zones with dynamic influence of the Northern Tien Shan active faults. The strain-sensitivity of rocks massifs is estimated by correlation level between gravitational tidal impacts and electromagnetic parameters variations. Orientation of steady correlation clusters on correlation polar plots corresponds to fault strikes (figure 2) what testifies to the strain-sensitive nature of zones of the Northern Tien Shan active faults dynamic influence.

At common conformity in distribution of total horizontal deformation rates on GPS and KNET seismological data in the territory of the Central Tien Shan, the block of Earth’s crust with raised and potentially dangerous gradients of deformation rate was pointed out. For considerable part of the territory studied the high degree of positive correlation of total horizontal deformation rates distribution for near-surface part of Earth’s crust (depth to 5 km, space geological data) and a seismic active layer of the Earth’s crust (depth of 5-20 km, seismological data) for the period of 1998-2014 was revealed. The central region of the studied territory is an exception (the Dzhumgal-Too) where the decreased values of rate of a near-surface dilatancy and increased deformation rates in seismoactive layer of crust are fixed. The revealed discordance in distribution of near-surface and deep deformation indicates the energy-saturated and potentially dangerous volume of crust, from the point of view of seismic events manifestation and activity of explosive violations.



Works on target projects of Russian Foundation for Basic Research 2015 have been completed

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Works on initiative projects of Russian Foundation for Basic Research 2015 have been completed

15-05-06857а - Project Leader - Sycheva N.A. (download .pdf version)

14-05-00545а - Project Leader - Rybin A.K. (download .pdf version)

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First notification

Paper submission

Organizing Committee will accept no more than two papers from each participant, and only one paper can be presented orally. Oral report should be presented as Power Point presentation and last no more than 15 minutes.

Paper publication

Participants may submit to the Organizing Committee for publication extended thesis (up to 2 pages) or materials of papers (up to 5 pages including illustrations and tables). All materials should be submitted in Russian no later than February 15, 2016, by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as attached files.


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Patent for invention "Seismic Data Acquisition System"

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On November 16, 2015, the Federal Institute of Industrial Property registered the Patent № 2568342 for invention “Seismic Data Acquisition System”.

archive f2

The Research Station RAS is the owner of Patent. The authors of invention are: Bragin V.D. – Head of Laboratory of Integrated Studies of Dynamic Processes in Geophysical Fields, Matix A.I. – Head of New Equipment Implementation (NEI) Group and Dudinskih R.R. – Leading Engineer of NEI Group.

The invention was made under the RS RAS project by the order of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation under the theme “Seismic monitoring of the territory of Bishkek Geodynamic Proving Ground and adjacent areas” within the framework of Federal goal-oriented Program “Investigations and developments on priority branches of Complex for Science and Technology of Russia for 2007-2013”, Contract of 20 June 2012, № 11.519.11.6049.

Object of the invention is system information capacity enhancement for time-sharing channels of data transmission; reduction of transmitted seismic data losses with reception acknowledgement in real time mode and increasing noise immunity under intensive electromagnetic interference conditions.

In pilot system information acquisition was performed by the method of radio telemetry on a frequency common for all nodes of seismic receiver. In proposed system all points of seismic data acquisition, including seismic receivers, were divided into some groups. A proper M-series with noise-shaped signals was assigned for each group. Information capacity of a system will be increased in this case.

Several groups of information acquisition points with individual M-series usage are effective for distributed system. This invention can be used in data acquisition systems with branched structure on the basis of radio modems. One of such examples is the Kyrgyz Seismic Network (KNET) exploited by Research Station RAS in Bishkek.


The Research Station RAS staff congratulates our colleagues Vitaly Bragin, Alexander Matix and Ruslan Dudinskih with registration of Patent № 2568342 for invention “Seismic Data Acquisition System”!

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