720049, Kyrgyzstan.

Bishkek-49, Research Station RAS.

Phone: +996 (312) 613-140

Fax: +996 (312) 611-459


Рыбин Анатолий Кузьмич

Anatoly Kuzmich Rybin

Doctor of Science

in Physics and Mathematics

e-mail: rybin@gdirc.ru

Staff Scientists

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1. Competition to fill the vacancy of staff scientist of the Laboratory of Integrated Studies of Dynamic Processes in Geophysical Fields (LIS)

Receipt of Applications: 13.01.2018 – 20.02.2018

Competition date: 26.02.2018

Research Area: Earth sciences and related environmental studies

Activity: Research of dynamic processes in different geophysical fields, their relation to particular structures and deformation processes influencing seismic mode at the territory of Bishkek test site and its surroundings.

For more information please see the Russian version at: http://www.gdirc.ru/2017-10-06-04-15-34/2017-10-10-08-12-38?start=3


2. Competition to fill the vacancy of staff scientist of the Laboratory of Advanced Hardware Development (LAHD)




Receipt of Applications: 28.12.2017 - 17.01.2018

Competition date: 29.01.2018

Research Area: Earth sciences and related environmental studies

Activity: Research and development of specialized measuring equipment designed for geophysical studies of the Earth’s crust carried out by the Research Station RAS.

For more information please see the Russian version at: http://www.gdirc.ru/2017-10-06-04-15-34/2017-10-10-08-12-38?start=1

3. Competition to fill the vacancy of junior staff scientist of the Laboratory of Studying Modern Movements of the Earth’s Crust by Space Geodesy (LGPS)


Receipt of Applications: 01.12.2017 - 18.01.2018

Competition date: 01.02.2018г.

Research Area: Earth sciences

For more information please see the Russian version at: http://www.gdirc.ru/2017-10-06-04-15-34/-06102017?start=4

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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News of the Group of Magnetotelluric Studies (GMTS)

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October-November 2017

In the course of magnetotelluric observations conducted at “Kentor” profiles since 2012, the GMT group conducted MT soundings (MTS) at 33 sites of “Centralnyi” (С1 - С11) and “Vostochnyi” (Е1 - Е22) profiles from October 17 – November 3, 2017.

The MTS test record to monitor the noise level was conducted at C8 site. Works were preceded by calibration of recorders and sensors. For estimation of noise level and parameter settings, test recording was conducted at all observation sites. Magnetic field components were measured using МТС-50 induction sensors. Electric components of MT-field were measured by measuring equipment with 50-meter electric dipoles. The dipoles were earthed using nonpolarizable electrodes by the “electrode to electrode” principle with previous observations at all sounding sites. Orientations of measuring equipment completely reproduced the previous deployments. Duration of MT-field registration at each observation site was 15-16 hours. Works were complicated by adverse weather conditions.02

General chart of “Kentor” work site.

“Vostochnei” profile is highlighted in red, “Centralnyi” is highlighted in yellow.

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The regular meeting of RS RAS Academic Board

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On 08 December 2017 the regular meeting of the RS RAS Academic Board took place.

The issues of agenda were as following:

1. The most important results of 2017 in the framework of State task execution.

2. Approval of the Plan of Research Work for 2018-2020


As a result of the voting on the first question was approved by two of the most important results obtained in the course of research themes elaboration: "Study of modern movements of the Earth's crust in Central Asia, using the tools of space geodesy" (No. 0155-2014-0002) and "Development of hardware and software and basics of the technology of electromagnetic monitoring of geodynamic processes in seismically active zones and the assessment of their risks" (No. 0155-2014-0004).

On the second issue, the discussion of RS RAS Plan of research work for 2018-2020 took place. For each of the four themes included in State Task, the content of works planned for execution in 2018-2020, as well as anticipated results for the period were determined.

Most important results of RS RAS_2017(docx)

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News of the Group of New Technologies Introduction (GNTI)

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KNET seismic network is operating on a full scale.

            Two high-mountain KNET network stations have been restored on November 17, 2017. The helicopter MИ8-MTВ delivered employees and equipment to stations. Staff of RS RAS laboratories and technical divisions: GNTI, LAHD, LDMS, GHM - Alexander Matiх, Ruslan Dudinskih, Oleg Lashin, Maksim Lisimov, Oleg Nelin, Yuri Yurkov were involved in works on stations repair.

New steel pole with a solar panel and antenna was installed; battery, solar controller, solar panel and data recorder were replaced at Kyzart station. Executed works at 3520m altitude had been complicated by sub-zero temperature and strong wind.

All interconnections were checked at Uchtor station, as well as battery and solar controller. STS-2 seismic sensor was adjusted. Work at 3850м altitude had been complicated by negative temperature and deep snow. All staff members showed high professionalism in course of repair works. Additionally, high cost of helicopter flight hour required fast and quality execution of repair works.

Unfortunately, high-mountain Kyzart station has been subjected to vandalism by residents of nearby villages not for first time. The station is located on the mountain range between Kochkor and Suusamyr valleys. Stockyards are situated near station location in summer. Flocks of sheep reach the station location some days. There are also horse pathways. There can be strong winds across the range in north-east direction due to temperature difference between two valleys.

Presumably, the locals took steel ropes for household needs. Steel pole would be blown down by wind, fell to ground, what led to solar panel and antenna breakage, and, as a result, seismic data transfer interruption in this case. Station repair costs are very significant.

In order to ensure smooth operation of station it was decided to ask District or Republican Ministry of Internal Affairs interpret laws to residents of nearby villages before 2018 summer season to prevent stations damage.

Фото расположить по порядку 1, 2, 3.

1 Станция Учтор

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Planned works of the Group of New Technologies Introduction (GNTI) on geophysical networks of RS RAS.

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With a view to winter period approach, which makes difficult the access to geophysical stations, the GNTI conducts preventive works to increase the stations operation reliability. At two GPS stations (KAZA and SEL2) new gel batteries of СГГН 100-12 type, produced in St. Petersburg, have been installed. Unfortunately, by contrast with previous years, the supplies with batteries of this kind in Bishkek have greatly decreased. Accumulators of AGM type (Sznajder 6CT) proved to be unreliable in operation. Because of self-discharge at the energy supply absence, they get out of order irrevocable. Gel batteries are much better in this respect.

5 КоноваловРуслан

GNTI staff members who service the equipment – Leading engineers Sergei Konovalov and Ryslan Dudinskih.

In August of this year, the power supply system at the OSHK station (Osh city, Kyrgyzstan) on Soulaiman-Too Mount was upgraded. On completion of the project of Universities of Montana and Colorado states in 2008-2011 under the grant of National Aeronautics and Space Administration Subaward 5710002361, "Activities of the GPS network in Kyrgyzstan, maintained by the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Science in Bishkek (RS RAS), the GPS station was kindly left in Kyrgyzstan at the disposal of RS RAS staff to continue the space geodesy research.


The OSHK station is important for the accuracy of GPS data processing, as the most remote stationary one in the south-west direction. In early November 2017 this station is functioning with normal hardware parameters.

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News of Laboratory of Advanced Hardware Development (LAHD)

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In September – October 2017 the LAHD staff conducted the field trials of new improved model of measuring complex (Electrical survey complex with broadband signal) .
The trials showed a significant improvement in the performance of new set of equipment compared to previous model. At this time, the field testing of upgraded magnetometers POS-1 in conjunction with previously developed and produced by LAHD Autonomous geomagnetic data recording units was conducted.

IMG 0953

IMG 0956

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The 9th Kazakhstan-Chinese International Symposium

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On 25 – 27 October, 2017, in Almaty (Republic of Kazakhstan), the 9th Kazakhstan-Chinese International Symposium "Earthquake Prediction, Seismic Hazard Assessment and Seismic Risks of Central Asia" organized by the LLP "Institute of Seismology" and the Administration of Earthquakes of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China took place.

The Symposium was attended by the Director of Research station RAS in Bishkek city Anatoly K. Rybin, Head of the Laboratory of Complex Study of Geodynamic Processes in Geophysical Fields (LKI) Vitaly D. Bragin and Head of the Laboratory GPS Sergei Iv. Kuzikov. Anatoly K. Rybin presented the paper on "Electromagnetic Effects on the Environment with the Purpose of Discharge of Tectonic Stresses in the Earth's Crust of Seismically Active Regions (on the example of the Northern Tien Shan)” of the Group of authors (Rybin A.K., Bragin V.D., Shelokov G.G.).



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