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International Symposiums

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Within the frameworks of IRC-GPG Research Program subjects, we have conducted five international symposiums.

The First International Symposium “Geodynamics of Tien Shan” dedicated to the presentation of IRC-GPG, was held in June, 2000. The Symposium was attended by 76 scientists from 9 countries (Austria – 1, Belgium – 2, Germany – 2, Kazakhstan – 6, Kyrgyzstan – 17, Netherlands – 1, Russia – 35, USA – 11, France – 1).

The Second International Symposium on the problems of geodynamics and geoecology of high-mountain regions was held in October, 2002. The Symposium was attended by 93 scientists from 7 countries (Belgium – 1, Kazakhstan – 2, Kyrgyzstan – 25, Russia – 57, USA – 4, Uzbekistan – 3, Tajikistan – 1).

In October-November 2005 we conducted the Third International Symposium “Geodynamics and Environmental Problems of High-Mountain Regions in XXI Century” which was attended by 138 scientists from 5 countries (Russia – 42, Kyrgyzstan – 79, Kazakhstan – 13, Tajikistan – 1, USA – 3). Presented were 63 oral papers and 53 poster papers.

The Fourth International Symposium “Geodynamics of Intracontinental Orogens and Geoecological Problems” was held in June, 2008. It was attended by 165 scientists and experts from Russia, England, Belgium, Kazahstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan including 34 young scientists, experts, students and post-graduate students. Presented were 132 plenary papers and 37 poster papers.

In June 2011, we carried out the Fifth International Symposium “Modern Problems of Geodynamics and Geoecology of Intracontinental Problems” dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Yury Andreevich Trapeznikov. The Symposium was attended by 147 scientists and experts from Russia, England, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, USA, Tajikistan including 35 young scientists, students and post-graduate students. Presented were 129 oral papers and 56 poster papers concerning different aspects of modern problems of geodynamics and geoecology from the position of studying high-mountain regions in the first place.

On June 23 – 29, 2014 on the basis of the Research Station RAS in Bishkek (RS RAS) and the International Research Center – Geodynamic Proving Ground in Bishkek (IRC – GPG) there was successfully held the Sixth International Symposium «PROBLEMS OF GEODYNAMICS AND GEOECOLOGY OF INTRACONTINENTAL OROGENS» Bishkek, 23-29 June, 2014, coincides with 35th Anniversary of Research Station RAS and 15th Anniversary of IRC – GPG.

Objectives of the Symposium: To discuss the state of problems and results of research in geodynamics and geoecology of intracontinental orogens including questions about mechanisms of formation of lithosphere structure, development of methods, technologies and means of studying of Earth’s surface and interior, social and economic consequences of endogenous and exogenous disastrous processes.




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40 km. from Bishkek