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Multiple-Access Geosciences System (MAGS)

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 Within the frameworks of the Research Program, the IRC-GPG has successfully implemented several activities which are of scientific and practical interest.

The Multiple-Access Geosciences System (MAGS) was organized on the base of the International Research Center – Geodynamic Proving Ground in Bishkek (IRC-GPG) in 2004. The main goal of this System is to create and operate a more powerful pool of the unique geophysical equipment with the opportunity to share it during the implementation of the regional and international projects and programs connected to the studies of Tien Shan geodynamics. Presently, MAGS is furnished with the following equipment: 

1. RefTek 130 Data Loggers with STS-2 broadband seismometers, 6 pcs 
2. Topcon-Legasy GPS receivers, 7 pcs 
3. Leica TC 2003 Tacheometer, 1 piece 
4. Leica DNA03 Level-theodolite, 1 piece 
5. Combilog LT 1021 Automatic Weather Station, 1 piece 
6. Phoenix MTU-5 Magnetotelluric Receiver, 1 piece 
7. Scintrex CG-5 AutoGrav Gravity Meter, 1 piece 
8. Phoenix V8 networked multi-function receiver for TEM, 1 piece 

In its turn, it contemplates the organization and support of the integrated information environment of regional researches in the field of Earth sciences on the modern level.



Scintrex SG-5


Phoenix V8




Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek