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The most important scientific results of Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2023

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  In accordance with the request of Earth Sciences Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (No. 13000/1811-336 dated 11.22.2023 "On providing information on the most important scientific results for 2023»), each of RS RAS laboratories has prepared formulations of its most important results obtained in 2023 in the course of State Assignment execution.

  On December 13, 2023, a regular meeting of the RS RAS Academic Council was held, at which the heads of laboratories presented the results for common consideration. The presented results were discussed and, following the results of the voting, the results of the Laboratory of Deep Magnetotelluric Studies and the Laboratory of Complex Studies of Geodynamic Processes in Geophysical Fields were selected as the most important.

  Result №1.

  Development and implementation of low-depth regime observations performed by electrotomography using a multielectrode installation into the electromagnetic monitoring complex in order to detect anomalies associated with local changes in the properties of the geoelectric section and form the optimal technology for modern geodynamic processes monitoring.

  Result №2.

  Seismic and geoacoustic responses of the Earth's crust to sounding by powerful electric pulses of ERGU-600 installation on the territory of the Bishkek Geodynamic Proving Ground have been revealed.
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Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek