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The Russian Science Foundation No. 22-27-00567

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  The Russian Science Foundation announced the results of the largest competition for small individual research groups on November 30, 2021. According to the expert evaluation, the research project No. 22-27-00567 "Study of the Internal Structure and Dynamics of Active Geological Faults Using Electromagnetic Profiling (Northern Tien Shan as an Example)" was supported. The project is headed by the director of the RS RAS, A.K. Rybin.

  The project aims to address the scientific problem of studying the contemporary activity of fault zones using a combination of geological and geophysical methods. The goals and objectives of the project are briefly outlined in the application's abstract.


  The first year of project implementation has passed. A brief description of the work completed in 2022 and the scientific results obtained as part of the project is outlined in the material.




Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek