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From 23 September to 07 October 2020, in continuation of monitoring observations carried out since 2012 on the territory of the Bishkek geodynamic test site, along the "East" and "Centr" profiles of the Kentor using the Phoenix MTU-5 measuring complexes, by the MTS group consisting of three teams, MT-soundings were performed at 30 points of the Centr (C1-C4, C6-C11) and «East» (E1-E11, E13-E21) profiles.

The beginning of the work was preceded by the calibration of the recorders and sensors of the MT stations. At all observation points, a control record of at least 40 minutes was preceded to assess the level of interference and adjust the parameters of recording the working record. The electric components of the MT-field were measured using measuring devices with electric dipoles 50 m long. Magnetic field components were measured with using of MTC-50 induction sensors. The dipoles were earthed by nonpolarizable electrodes by the “electrode to electrode” principle with previous observations at all sounding sites. The orientations of the measurement setups completely repeated the previous deployments. The duration of the MT-field registration at each observation point was 15-16 hours.

In the period from 23 September to 02 October 2020, the brigade № 3 of the MTS group carried out work on magnetotelluric sounding (MTS) on the "Boom" profile, located in the area of ​​the Zholbulak village, Kemin district. The number of observation points was 9 (FT1 - FT9). The work was carried out with a Phoenix MTU-5 station in the regular registration mode. The beginning of the work was preceded by the calibration of the recorder and sensors of the MT station. Duration of registration of the MT-field at each registration point is more than 14 hours. Upon completion of work on this profile, the team from 02 October to 07 October 2020, together with two teams of the group, continued to perform work on the "East" profile of the Kentor.

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Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek