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Areas of Research

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Purpose: development, manufacture and implementation of specialized geophysical equipment in scientific experiments and research conducted at Research Station RAS.


  • Development of promising directions in the field of creating equipment for scientific research and experiments conducted at RS RAS.
  • Definition of strategy and tactics in hardware development, specific areas of development in accordance with plan of scientific research of RS RAS.
  • Carrying out works directly related to development of software and hardware.
  • Implementation of designed and manufactured equipment in scientific experiments and research, author's supervision and support of its operation. 

Main directions of hardware development:

1. Development of special-purpose equipment for the modern systems of active electromagnetic monitoring of stressed and deformed state of the Earth’s crust in seismic active zones.

2. Creation of special-purpose measuring complexes for studying the Earth’s crust by methods of deep magnetotelluric and magnetovariational soundings.

3. Development of special-purpose automated measuring complexes for carrying out experiments on physical modeling of processes occurring in the depths of the Earth’s crust using rock samples.



Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek