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Main scientific directions

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• The research of deep structure of the crust and upper mantle of the Tien Shan and adjacent territories on the base of geophysical methods complex including: seismological, geomagnetical, geoelectrical prospecting, gravimetrical and other methods.

• The research of contemporary geodynamic processes as a base of earthquake prediction by means of:

- Research of crust deformation on the territory of the region by method of cosmic geodesy (GPS) on the base of satellite system NAVSTAR.
- Electromagnetic monitoring of the Earth's crust of Bishkek Geodynamic Polygon territory by method of Time Domain Electromagnetics (TDEM) sounding with the help of powerful current sources for the purpose of proceeding deformation process study at the depth up to 20 km.
- Research of features of the Earth's geomagnetic field variations in seismoactive areas.
- Investigation of 3-D geoelectric structure of the Tien Shan by magnetotelluric methods.

• Conducting detailed seismological investigations based on digital telemetric seismological network (KNET) on the territory of Bishkek Geodynamic Polygon.

• Research of geologic materials samples deformation under the load of extra energetic impacts.



Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek