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TALA GPS station modernization
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KNET и GPS geophysical nets operation

04th September 2020г.

  The scheduled works at KNET and GPS nets objects were made by the Group of New Technologies Introduction (GNTI) after the COVID quarantine cancellation.

  The top part of the KNET East Repeater mast was bended by strong wind. Fortunately the antennas were not damaged. 


  Two masts for antennas directed to the Chumysh Repeater, ULHL and KZA stations were installed to fix the problem. The solar panels were left on the old thick mast. The Institute for Seismology of the National Academy of science of Kyrgyzstan employee Tatjana Nikitenko assists to monitor the stations operation.


  The leading engineer S.M. Konovalov prepared new GPS server to swap the old one in communication chamber. Trips to update the TALA and SUMK GPS stations are scheduled in autumn time.

  The stations data download occurs in normal mode. Operators-colleagues perform the data transfer from 4 stations: KMTR (at Kumtor mining), KRTV (close to Kurchatov city in Kazakstan), SEL2 (close to Medeu skate ring), PODG (close to Podgornoe village 200 km away to East from Almaty). 4 stations data is downloading automatically through the phone and radio channels by GPS server. The GPS data quantity and quality are checked by special program and staff daily. 2 stations data (OSHK and KAZA) is download manually by NEI group staff. 

  Unfortunately it is impossible to reach the RS RAS objects in Kazakstan due to the quarantine. The important arrangements were performed by Chumysh Repeater guards



Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek