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Polygon Day!

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20191017 090506

Every year, on October, 18, the staff of Research Station of RAS in Bishkek city celebrates the Polygon Day. This Day is special for all RS RAS staff since it is closely connected with the history of Bishkek Polygon, and is celebrated in the day of Yuri Andreevich Trapeznikov’s birthday, the founder and first RS RAS director. According to tradition, the Director of RS RAS Dr. Anatoly Rybin delivered a congratulatory speech. Addressing the employees of Research Station, he noted that RS RAS faces serious challenges: the need to maintain a high level of scientific research, the problem of young scientists bringing up, and, at the same time, ensuring continuity of generations of scientists. This year Olga Trapeznikova attended the meeting. She stressed that all difficulties can be overcome if the whole collective acts coherently as a single organism. The management and employees of RS RAS laid floral tributes at the memorial tablet of the first director and founder of RS RAS – Yuri Trapesnikov.

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20191017 090506



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