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Main results of RS RAS for 2018

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(under the State Task accomplishment)

On October 3, 2018, the RS RAS Academic Board held the meeting to discuss and approve the annual report to the Department of Earth’s Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, under which scientific and methodological guidance the RS RAS is functioning . During the meeting, the most RS RAS main results obtained within the framework of State Task in 2018 have been discussed.

The RS RAS Academic Board , according to the results of the voting, selected and approved two most important results, obtained in the reporting period on theme №0155-2018-0002– "Study of modern movements of the Earth's crust in Central Asia using space geodesy" and №0155-2018-0003–"Study of geodynamic, seismic and geophysical processes as the basis of earthquake prediction (including modeling of inelastic processes in seismogenic zones)".

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