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Field works of Magnetotelluric Studies Group (GMTS). “Kentor” profiles.

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Кентор 2018

In the course of magnetotelluric observations conducted at “Kentor” profiles since 2012, the MTS Group conducted MT soundings (MTS) at 34 sites of “Centralnyi” (С1 - С11) and “Vostochnyi” (Е1 – Е11, Е13 - Е22, Е24, Е26) profiles in the period from October 1 to October 14, 2018.

The MTS test record to monitor the noise level was conducted at C8 site.

Works were preceded by calibration of recorders and sensors. For estimation of noise level and parameter settings, test recording was conducted at all observation sites. Magnetic field components were measured using МТС-50 induction sensors. Electric components of MT-field were measured by measuring equipment with 50-meter electric dipoles. The dipoles were earthed using nonpolarizable electrodes by the “electrode to electrode” principle with previous observations at all sounding sites.

Orientations of measuring equipment completely reproduced the previous deployments. Duration of MT-field registration at each observation site was 15-16 hours.

Works were complicated by adverse weather conditions.02

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Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek