Geological and structural field works in Talas - Fergana fault zone.

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Geological and structural field works in Talas - Fergana fault zone were performed by the joint scientific team of Research Station of RAS and the University Rennes, France.

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In July of this year the next geological and structural field works in a zone of Talas-Fergana fault has been successfully completed. Marc Jolivet - the vice-director of the University Rennes (France), staff members Julien Morin and Gwladys Jolivet, employees of Research Station RAS Aleksandr Dzalba and driver Evgeny Ispolinov participated in this field works.

These works were performed under the Agreement on scientific and technical collaboration, which was signed in September 2015 between the Research Station RAS, IRC-GPG and the University Rennes, France, (Geosciences Rennes, Rennes France).

Within above-mentioned Agreement the following activities are expected:

  • performance of joint research projects of geodynamic processes;
  • organization and implementation of field works;
  • more precise and efficient processing and interpretation of geological data on problems of modern geodynamic activity of orogenic areas lithosphere;
  • preparation of joint publications in the international academic journals.

This Agreement promotes scientific cooperation between its participants in the course of solving fundamental problems of modern geodynamics of Central Asian continental lithosphere different segments, and topical applied problems of assessment the degree of orogenic territories and adjacent areas tectonic activity.

Within the works in Yarkand-Fergana basin the following scientific objectives have been appointed to 2018:

  • To complement the logging of the late Triassic – Jurassic sections in the Sary Bulak Valley that was initiated in 2017.
  • To sample those sections for biostratigraphic investigation (dating of the series) and       С-isotope analysis.
  • To further explore the northern edge of the basin in order to describe the relation between the Jurassic sedimentary environment and tectonics.
  • To describe the Jurassic sediments along the Talas Fergana fault to understand the role of this fault in the evaluation of the Yarkand Fergana basin.

Similar works are planned also to the summer of 2019.


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Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek