Field works of MTS group

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In June 2018 MTS group completed the works on search and selection of samples for determination of isotopic composition of helium in free and water-dissolved gases. Samples were obtained from mineral springs on the territory of Naryn oblast: Dostuk spring (area of Kulanak village), Karabuk spring (area of Orto-Syrt village), 2 Arashan springs (area of Besh-Bel-Chyr village) and Narzan springs (area of Kul-Suu Lake).

In July 2018, MTS group carried out MT soundings on three profiles in the Kochkor Valley of Kyrgyzstan. The observations were fulfilled by the magnetotelluric soundings method on 11 sites of "Ukok-2" profile, on 7 sites of "Chon-Tuz East» profile and on 7 sites of "Chon-Tuz in the West". The electric components of the MT-field were estimated using measuring complexes Phoenix MTU-5 and MTU-5A with electric dipoles 50m long. Measurement of the magnetic field components was performed with the help of MTS-50 induction sensors. At all sounding points dipoles were grounded by nonpolarizing electrodes. The duration of MT-field registration at each observation point was 15-16 hours.


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Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek