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Fundamental Research in 2017

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Information about fundamental research in 2017 according to the Program of Fundamental Research of State Academies of Science

for 2013 – 2020

Fundamental Research

Number and Name

Received Results

(in connection to results expected by the Program)

(for more information in Russian please see

128. Physical fields, Earth’s internal structure and deep geodynamic processes

Subject: «Study of deep structure of Tien Shan and adjacent territories using a complex of geophysical methods to find the relationship between substance-energy transfer in the Earth’s crust and upper mantle and space-time distribution of seismicity (0155-2014-0001)


Subject: «Study of modern movements of the Central Asia Earth’s crust using space geodesy» (0155-2014-0002)


Subject: «Postcollision tectonic ensembles of shear flow of intracontinental orogens: structure, deep structure, geodynamics (using the example of Pamir-Tien Shan segment of Eurasia intracontinental orogen) » (0155-2015-0002) 

136. Disastrous endogenous and exogenous processes including extreme changes of space weather: problems of forecast and reducing of negative consequences

Subject: «Study of geodynamic, seismic and geophysical processes as a basis of earthquake forecast (including modeling of inelastic processes in seismogenerating zones» (0155-2014-0003)


Subject: «Development of hardware and software means and basis of methods of electromagnetic monitoring of geodynamic processes in seismic zones and assessment of their dangers» (0155-2014-0004)

138. Scientific basis for development of methods, technologies and means of studying Earth’s surface and interior, atmosphere including ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth, hydrosphere and cryosphere; numerical simulation and geoinformation science (infrastructure of spacial data and GIS-technology)

Subject: «Development of distributed system of applications for storage and analysis of data of complex geodynamic monitoring of Tien Shan region» (0155-2015-0001)



Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek