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Project RSF № 16-17-10059


In August of this year, the Monograph “GISSAR-ALAY AND PAMIRS – Comparative Tectonics and Geodynamics” came out.

The team of authors: Head of Tectonic of Consolidated Crust Laboratory GIN RAS Dr. M.G. Leonov; Director of Research Station of RAS in Bishkek city Dr. A.K. Rybin; RS RAS staff members: Dr. V.Yu. Batalev, Ph.D E.A. Bataleva, Ph.D V.E. Matyukov, Head of the Representative Office of RS RAS in Moscow city - G.G. Shchelochkov.

The book examined the factual material and the comparative analysis of the two largest mountain constructions of Asia: Pamir and Gissar-Alay. There are some information on the tectonic structure of regions, their deep structure, geodynamic evolution and modern geodynamics. In this book the authors proposed the Pamir and Gissar-Alay geological-geophysical models. The results of the experiments reflecting the typical for the studied region processes, as well as data on similar structure of the Earth’s crust are presented. The book is intended for a wide range of specialists in the geology, tectonics and geodynamics of Central Asia region.


Заявка_Форма 4 (pdf)

Report-RSF (pdf)


Supplement to the Report(pdf)



Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek