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Scientific workshop

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On the June 3, 2016, the regular scientific workshop in the Research Station RAS in Bishkek city was held. Within the framework of workshop the lecture “Geology around us (about the geological processes observed within the territory of the Research Station and its surroundings)” the stuff scientist of the Laboratory of Integrated Sttudies of Geodynamical Processes in Geophysical Fields (LIS) Vinera Muhamadeeva delivered a lecture.

The main forms of exogenic processes actually happening in the territory of Research station and its close environment were examined, namely:

  • physical and chemical rotting;
  • effects of surface waters (rainwash, work of temporary streams and rivers on the example of Alamedin river and its feeders; gully erosion on the left bank of Alamedin river);
  • work of subsoil waters (suffusion);
  • gravitational processes (landslides, landfalls).

Secretary of the workshop

Olga Zabinyakova



Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek