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First International Magnetotelluric School

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On 29-30 of November, 2015, the First International Magnetotelluric (electromagnetic) School took place.

By tradition spanning many years the First International Magnetotelluric School took place on the territory of Research Station RAS in Bishkek (RS RAS). The participants of this scientific event (57 researchers and students) not only heard a course of lections on basic principles of magnitotelluric sounding technique (MTS), its opportunities and practice, but performed the field experiments. Young scientists, postgraduates and students of high education institutions took an opportunity of Phoenix station’s measuring unit installation and registration of electromagnetic field signals. Within the framework of School there was the exhibition of apparatus and equipment necessary for field research, including the original ones developed by RS RAS specialists. For the participants of School the information booklet was prepared where the basic principles of MTS method and stages of its progress were described as well as most important activity results of the Laboratory of Deep Magnetotelluric Studies (LDMS). Booklet also contains the collection of LDMS staff publications and the MTS founders (CD).

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School was opened by the Director of FSBIS Research Station RAS in Bishkek, Dr. of Science in Physics and Mathematics Anatoly Rybin. In his speech he welcomed all participants and mentioned that this scientific event at Research Station opened new site for young scientists, postgraduates and students where they can get principally new knowledges, built plans for future and, probably, tie their future professional activity with RS RAS research. After opening session School continued its work according to the Program. In the work of workshop Dr. of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics Anatoly Rybin, Dr. of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Prof. of the Moscow State University Pavel Aleksandrov, Dr. of Science in Geology and Mineralogy Vladislav Batalev and other leading specialists in the field of magnetotelluric research took part.

The Second International Magnetotelluric School will be held in October 2018.

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