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Fifth International Symposium

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The Fifth International Symposium “MODERN PROBLEMS OF GEODYNAMICS AND GEOECOLOGY OF INTRACONTINENTAL OROGENS” dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Yury A.Trapeznikov became an important international scientific forum successfully held at the Research Station RAS in Bishkek (RS RAS) and at the International Geodynamic Research Center (IGRC) from 19 to 24 June, 2011.

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The Symposium was attended by 147 scientists and experts from Russia, England, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, USA, Tajikistan including 37 young scientists and postgraduate students.

Presented were 129 oral and 56 poster papers on different aspects of modern problems of geodynamics and geoecology from the position of studying high-mountain regions in the first place. Seismological section was conducted at the Institute of Seismology of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences. Theses of papers whose authors could not come to Bishkek were also distributed among participants of the Symposium.

After the discussion of papers, participants of the Symposium NOTE:

1. A significant progress was achieved in many areas of multidisciplinary researches of problems of geodynamics and geoecology of Tien Shan and adjacent territories. Over the three years after the previous Symposium, the new interesting materials on deep structure of intracontinental orogens, modern movements of the Earth’s crust (by data of space geodesy), interconnecting of geophysical data using information and connectionist technologies etc. were received. A significant progress was also achieved in studies of geoecological processes in high-mountain regions and related risks of influence of artificial (anthropogenic) impacts on processes in rocks.  A positive trend was revealed in development of advanced instrumental observations, modeling and monitoring of geodynamic processes. Seismic networks are being actively modernized, the number of digital seismic stations in Central Asia is increasing and the exchange of seismological data is being extended.  Integrated studies within the frameworks of TIPAGE (Tien Shan – Pamir) project were conducted.  The influence of Kambarata explosion on geological medium was also studied.

2. The number of researches conducted by teams of scientists from different scientific centers and different countries has increased significantly.

Participants were offered a field geological excursion (25-27 June, 2011).

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40 km. from Bishkek