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Magnetotelluric complex plays the major role in multiparametric geophysical research of Tien Shan region, conducted by the Research Station. The complex consists of three components: magnetotelluric sounding, deep magnetotelluric sounding and magnetovariational sounding. Magnetotelluric measurements taken in a wide frequency band provide the unique information on the fluid mode of tectonoshere, zones of graphitization, dehydration and partial melting. The models of electroconductivity of the Earth's crust and the upper mantle constructed for many regions of our planet provide a new material for diagnosis of the condition of terrestrial bowels and processes happening in them. Today, it is obvious that different kinds of deposits and zones of seismic hazards are confined to the borders of geoelectric blocks. The presence of conducting formations in the cross-section evidences the intensive tectonic movements of blocks in corresponding РТ-conditions which accompany the process, and also the development of rheologically weakened zones. Magnetotellurics has a unique potential to solve geodynamic problems since it plays a leading role in the combined application of seismological, geophysical and geodesic data. Given method is widely adopted owing to its simplicity, mobility, intensity and ecological safety.

      So far, six regional profiles which cross the territory of the Tien Shan have been studied by means of magnetotelluric methods. Talas-Fergana fault and Tarim platform make the southern border of these profiles. All of them cross the seismogenerating zone of the northern Tien Shan, and pass along the flanks of seismogenerating zone revealed in the central Tien Shan. We have carried out the detailed works at a series of local profiles to specify the geoelectric parameters of objects revealed by interpretation of electromagnetic data at these profiles. By now, there are already seventeen short profiles.

Strategy of Research Activities of the Laboratory

  • participation in integrated studies of the deep structure of the Earth's crust and the upper mantle of the Tien Shan and adjacent territories being one of the leaders of the given research line;
  • study of a three-dimensional geoelectric structure of the Tien Shan by magnetotelluric methods;
  • carrying out preparatory (experimental methodical) stage of creation of inter-regional magnetotelluric system of monitoring of the seismoactive areas of Central Asia to study deformation processes at the depths of up to 100 km;
  • construction of combined geologic and geophysical models of deep structures and dynamics of the Tien Shan.




Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek