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Educational activities

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LIS employees are actively involved in educational activities, including the supervising of pre-graduate and industrial practices for AUCA and KRSU students.

In 2019, S. A. Imashev and E. V. Vorontsova laboratory employees managed the pre-graduate practice for AUCA bachelors in the direction of "Applied Mathematics and Informatics": B. Umarbayev and S. K. Umaraliev - students of the group AMI-116.

V. A. Mukhamadeeva, LIS laboratory scientist, annually leads the summer production hydrogeological practice for the 2nd year KRSU students, studying the course "Integrated use and protection of water resources". 

Field practice is conducted in order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and skills obtained by students at lectures, seminars and laboratory classes; mastering the methods of field research. For this purpose the practice plan provides:

- study of geological processes and conduct hydrogeological observations on the RS RAS territory and its surrounding area;

- study of minerals, rock samples and ores in the Geological Museum of The U. A. Asanaliev Institute of mining and mining technologies, also in the Geological Museum of the State Industry Committee, energy and subsoil use of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as in private collections of RS RAS employers;

- soil sampling and determination of its properties in the field;

- study of topographic and special maps;

- familiarization with the work of hydraulic structures on the rivers of the Northern slope of the Kyrgyz range;

- the lectures and the viewing of Geology and hydrogeology educational films.

Based on the results of practical training, students submit practice diaries and individual reports to the faculty department, which reflect the results of geological and hydrogeological observations.

Образовательная деятельность (Рис-1)

Practical classes on the description of rocks at the Institute of mining and mining technologies

Образовательная деятельность (Рис-2)

Study of mineral collections in the Geological Museum of the Institute of mining and mining technologies

Образовательная деятельность (Рис-3)

Soil sampling in the RS RAS surrounding area

Образовательная деятельность (Рис-4)

Determination of radiation level in the area of the Orto-Tokoy reservoir

Образовательная деятельность (Рис-5)

Hydrogeological observations in the Chunkurchak gorge

Образовательная деятельность (Рис-6)

The study of hydrogeological conditions in the Ala-Archa - Alamedin interfluve



Geographic location

40 km. from Bishkek