“Research and monitoring of geodynamically active zones” at EMS-2021

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Director of the RS RAS Rybin A.K. took part as a convener of section 7 “Research and monitoring of geodynamically active zones” and a speaker at the VIII All-Russian School-Seminar on Electromagnetic Sounding named after M.N. Berdichevsky and L.L. Vanyan (EMS-2021). The school-seminar is traditionally the largest forum for all specialists dealing with electromagnetic methods of geophysics. The school-seminar was held from 4 to 9 October at the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow). The scientific program included seven scientific sessions covering the entire spectrum of academic and applied electromagnetic research and a series of review reports by leading scientists on the most pressing topics of modern geoelectrics. The format of the school was mixed - the broadcast was conducted on the EMS-2021 website. Employees of the Laboratory of Deep Magnetotelluric Soundings of the RS RAS made reports in offline and online formats.

Oral Presentations (2)

• Bataleva E.A., Rybin A.K., Nepeina K.S., Matyukov V.E. Geoelectric model and monitoring studies of the Kentor mini-polygon (Northern Tien Shan).

• Rybin A.K., Bataleva E.A., Alexandrov P.N., Nepeina K.S. Electromagnetic studies of modern geodynamic processes of the lithosphere in areas of interplate orogeny, on the example of the Tien Shan.

Poster Presentations (2)

• Alexandrov P.N., Rybin A.K. The phenomenon of the field of sources of electromagnetic emission in the ground is the Doppler effect in a conductive medium.

• Nepeina K.S., Rybin A.K., Alexandrov P.N., Kaznacheev P.A. Results of studying geophysical fields of endogenous origin in the Northern Tien Shan.

The abstracts of the participants' reports can be found on the website https://ems-2021.ocean.ru/tezisy-dokladov/

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