International Jubilee Conference, dedicated to 40th Anniversary from the foundation of Research Station RAS in Bishkek city

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Dear colleagues!

The Research Station of RAS in Bishkek city (RS RAS) pleased to announce the publication the Book of Reports of International Jubilee Scientific Conference, which was held on the base of RS RAS in 2018:

Воздействие внешних полей на сейсмический режим и мониторинг их проявлений: Материалы докл. Междунар. Юбилейной науч. конф., г. Бишкек, 3 – 7 июля 2018 г. - Бишкек: НС РАН, 2020. – 184 с.

Обложка сборника

The Book of Reports comprises the materials of reports presented during the International Jubilee Scientific Conference INFLUENCE OF EXTERNAL FIELDS ON SEISMIC REGIME AND MONITORING OF THEIR MANIFESTATIONS, which had place 3 – 7 of July, 2018, on the basis of RS RAS and IRC–GPG. The reports presented in this Book captured the main directions of research on influence of external fields on seismic regime and monitoring of their manifestations, as well as reports on complex geological and geophysical investigations. The reports are represented in author's edition.

Best regards,
Olga Zabinyakova
Academic Secretary of RS RAS

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